Native vs Hybrid Mobile apps.

Native vs Hybrid Mobile Apps Comparison

One question always comes before starting of today’s modern development landscape—whether to build a mobile native app versus a hybrid app.
Consider these few pros and cons when choosing between a Native or Hybrid app for your business. To put it simply native apps can be described as insanely customizable yet pricey while Hybrid apps can be launched quickly but may not deliver the same level of user experience.

Native App:
Native apps are written in a programming language specific to the platform they’re being developed for. This would typically be Objective-C or Swift for iOS and Java for Android. Native apps typically have better performance with rendering and animations than hybrid apps.

Hybrid App:
Hybrid apps are essentially websites embedded in a mobile app through what we call a webview. They are developed using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript, and execute the same code regardless of the platform in which they run. They can, with tools like PhoneGap and Cordova, use the native features of a device, like GPS or camera.


If you are looking to create an out-of-this-world user experience the native app approach is your best bet. A hybrid app will leave you short due to the constraints of the web browser; or its interface.

Although, if you’re happy with the capabilities of your browser(s) and need your app launched quickly a hybrid app can do this with just one build across multiple platforms. Hybrid apps are also great in regard to making frequent content updates directly from the web without having to submit new version to the App Store every time you make a change. Native apps require a separate build for iOS and Android, and thus a separate budget.

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