Why to use Entity Framework in .NET Development.

The Entity Framework (EF) supports the development of software applications that are data-oriented. It is an open-source framework focused on object-relational mapping (ORM) for ADO.NET. As said in title, it was part of the .NET Framework.

So why and Where to use EF in .NET development environment?

1. A great tool for Prototyping

The Code First from EF is suitable for developers who want to write codes on a method that is object-oriented in nature. Likewise, it will be perfect for developers who prefer that the database is designed based on the C# classes created on the background.

2. Overall Simplification of Queries

The point of simplified queries is more general. When using Entity Framework or any other modern O/RM framework, you write your queries using a LINQ dialect. LINQ is a language baked by .NET compilers that offers a generic SQL-like language. You can express the projection of data you want, express WHERE and ORDERBY clauses and use JOIN and GROUP facilities. The great benefit is that the syntax is simplified compared to the raw syntax of SQL.

3. Ability to Shorten Codes

EF allows developers to shorten their codes with some predefined alternative commands. Aside from shortening the codes, it can also lessen the amount of data to be used. Unlike SQL, .NET editor can can also suggest you via intellisence.

4. Speedy Development

If you are developing Enterprise application, EF is best to use. It can save your development time by providing many different kind of analytical tools which is available in Visual Studio itself i.e. Profiling etc. It really save your time if you can debug SQL within your editor code base.


But there has some disadvantages of using EF. Listed below:

1. Slow Performance

Developers have issues of speed until the version 5.0. According to those who have tried it, it was the slowed form of ORM. Although EF claims to have 67% boost on its performance from the Microsoft Corp. The only way to test it is by running a certain application or a particular hardware to know if that claim is in fact true.

2. Complicate Things for Small project

In small project, most of the time developer avoid to use this ORM system as it may create many complication which may not worth it. So most of them just use some raw SQL commands instead to avoid consuming too much time on a particular code.

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